As Much WiFi As You Want

Coverage of iPhone-on-Verizon comes down to:
The Biggest Surprise About the Verizon iPhone: It’s a Mobile Hotspot

The coverage assumes that AT&T will be forced to follow-suit, sooner or later.

Most of the coverage to date has focussed on the impact on “MiFi”, that is mini cellular-to-WiFi converters.

But the impact is likely to be much broader – it means (eventually) that, wherever you go, you will have WiFi – you can have 10 continuously-connected WiFi devices if you like. No need to have 10 cellular subscriptions, all your devices will channel their connectivity through your cell-phone.

Of course, this will have to be managed efficiently, so that all those WiFi devices don’t drive your cell phone’s battery to dust in no-time.

What new startup opportunities get created once the marginal-cost of additional 3G/4G cellular access is zero?


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